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Monday, April 7, 2014

Da'wah Rasulullah SAW Key To Success

All of us know that Muhammad Ibnu Abdullah, Rasul end time are born in Makkah. The beginning of Islamic also in Makkah. Also we know their friends first time tortured in Makkah. Sake of defending Islam, they would tortured in all forms.

Rasulullah S.A.W struggles in Makkah until migrate into Yathrib. Before emigrating, king had decreed majesty's friends migrate into Ethiopia, but there not place that is piousto erected him Daulah Islamiyah.

Bond that is suitable need to be searched. For that king aimed migrate to Madinah to set up Daulah Islamiyyah. Through six people who come from Makkah, Islamic was launched in Madinah. In the second year, as many as 13 Madinah residents have come to find Rasulullah S.A.W includes two women.

'Abdullah Maktum's ibnu were being sent to teach Al -Quran Al Karim to Madinah residents. Meanwhile Mus'ab bin 'Umair teaches Fiqh there. The years forward 73 people include 9 women had come to Madinah meet Rasulullah S.A.W. and from that moment Islamic beaming wide in Madinah and in face
this earth.

Indeed Rasulullah S.A.W had placed strong foundation to Islamic can develop in Madinah. Basis that intended is,

1. Ukhuwwah Islamiyah

Islam brotherhood that strong from Muhajirin lineage and Ansar. They sacrifice with whole their energy. Imam Bukhari had reported picture brotherhood they by bringing story 'Abdur Rahman bin 'Auf (Muhajir) and Sa'ad bin Ar Rabi' (Ansar).Two their person have relativeness by Rasulullah S.A.W
. Sa'ad has said to the relative ;

'This my property . I will divide two, for me felicities and you part of. I have two wives. You choose which you like, I will dissociate. Finished iddahnya you married him.'

This reality is statement that is clearest in Islamic history . Then we look at attitude andconscience 'Abdur Rahman in accepting the offer friend. As human which already through training AlQuran,

'Abdur Rahman bin 'Auf says ;

'Fellow I ! Can I borrow I capital and show me where Madinah market'

With the determined effort, he have emerged as human that richest in Madinah at that time. Once he have found Rasulullah S.A.W, and he reprimanded king ;

'How you can this all dear 'Abdur Rahman ?"

Answer 'Abdur Rahman;

'I was married to Ansar's woman and the dowry is lumps gold yes Nabi Allah '

Rasulullah decreed ;
'Do a little walimah ceremony to your couple, dear 'Abdur Rahman'

Like that genuine muslim attitude in upholding Islam that followed by him.

2. Mahabbah

Fraternize is second basic towards Daulah Islamiyah formation that has been shown by Rasulullah S.A.W. Asas are born with all function that some are born in formpractical in society. The result visible human that
emphasise seiman friend more than oneself. Mahabbah bond combined in ummah shaped on basic faith to Allah S.W.T. This situation was translated in a event of war in Rasulullah S.A.W.'s time

Hero is heroic Islamic that bad cut , that thirsty and intend to water, has been given by sebekas water to one of from him. Once want to drank, overheard friend beside request for water, and the water given to him. Oncewant to drank, overheard on the other hand the friend beside more request for water.Water just now given on the other hand to friend . Like that it pass until friend fourteenth. Once the water want to drank, thirteenth friend on the other hand request for water. This state caused the water return back to friend that
first, while friend that is remainder returned meet God. Finally all passed away.

3. Justice and Balance

Justice and balance is third factor in Daulah Islamiyah building process that executed by Rasulullah S.A.W in Madinah. This picture can we see in Sa'ad bin Waqqas' incident delegation to Medan Al Qadisiyyah
ago. 'Umar is Al Khattab as Amirul Mukminin advised to Sa'ad ;

'Sa'ad . Do not you cheated with your position as Rasulullah S.A.W's uncle from side mother. Shoot straight must become principal you in every time.

Indeed seerah outlined on how great works Rasulullah S.A.W disappears finishedjahiliyyah rust rust remnants in muslim society Muslim in time king. And it affected until Khulafa time' Ar Rasyidin. Listen what view 'Uthman bin 'Affan in his words namely
' The Muslim is really no highly and there is no low, there is no black or white. They like tooth-comb. They all alike all'

Now come along we see into Moslem society reality entirely. Can we getting AllahS.W.T's help ? If scrutinized into society shaped by Rasulullah, we find out them do Islamic teachings one by one. Whereas
we on the other hand too negligent in Islamic Deenul matter. We emphasize valuerace, race, group and association. Therefore we lost and often conflict in whole issue if continuous we will lost forever.

The Islam is same. This Islam that exists in Rasulullah S.A.W's time . Al Quran that there is in our hand that is same received by friends generation ago. As Sunnah apostle which become fad and friend generation principal ago the still finding
and continue we inherit in form documentation that is beautiful and organised. If so why we still scratch further?

No longer surprised why we be torn and trampled trample by enemies Islamic latterly. We now like foam, not current which form wave.

Aware that all three foundations tabled above need to be worked so that back existand functioned in society Moslem today. If we can achieve perform Allah S.W.T's insyaAllah help we will achieve, same like Islamic generation that tasted faith sweetness in their life.

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