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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Success starts at home

Everyone eyes success in life they. Success can be felt in many life aspect. Successalso will be accessible regardless of age, race, rich, poor, sex and religion.

Since born we already learned meaning of success although in meaning that is easyand small. Success of a baby take the life move from lie only , escort, lie face down,interlace, sit, stand, walk and the success is biggest as a children that are mature isrun and consequently clever cycle, increase skateboard or wearing wheel. That meaning of success for an children that are normal.

When in school success that most made yardstick is can read, write, count, practiseartistry, physical skill and esthetic skill other. Success also for student that gain controlknowledge in all subjects until become the best or get highest achievement in subjectliked.

Success become good child and being liked parents at home is also achievementthat should be proud because can practise noble deed in teachings of the religion and culture something the race also can help to produce society that is peaceful andpeaceful. Parent education at home by incorporating values that are admirable intochildren's selves until brought by him value to community.

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