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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Figure that is most successful in the world

As someone Muslim figure that need to be made idol is must have Rasulullah SAW.Rasulullah SAW who abandoned us approximately 1435 year which already have leave us guide and fad that is soundest namely al-Quran and Sunnah Nabi SAW.

Rasulullah SAW's da'wah's success that has been briefly I write previously is caused by king's personality that is very noble and polite that so noble until can leverage oneveryone to follow and make him lifelong fad.

Although in Rasulullah SAW's beginning da'wah mission is quite difficult where stiff opposition come from own His Highness' family like Abu Sufyan, Abu Lahab and alsoAbu Jahal until willing hire people to kill Rasulullah SAW before emigrating to Madinah.

Rasulullah SAW's patience attacks all resistance in conducting da'wah mission kingfinally bore results where after Rasulullah dies Islam can develop until whole world.Teaching and Rasulullah SAW's practice still being practised and defended to datethat increasingly develop according to era development. Rasulullah SAW's successcan we survey with erected him Islamic in ourselves and many more day by day with way and method that is same like 1435 year once only time and the time only which vary.

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