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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day that there is success

When only awoke from sleep, for those Muslim must have need to fulfill theresponsibility to Allah SWT namely do prayers Subuh. This routine if becomes our practice has shown that we in passage in the direction of success.
For those concerned do prayers Subuh by consistent, furthermore do it at the mosqueon the other hand then success already become property him. Success acquire reward from Allah SWT that certainly that all people that are faithful need and the external success is successful educating self do one routine that many own Muslim that fail to do him according to time that is set in fact many that leave him.
Get up early in the morning already promised our livelihood for those Muslim believed through Koran verses and Nabi SAW hadith that aspect blessing on the livelihood was certified. Starting work early in the morning that before that we already got enough rest so the job carried out full of energy and can give commitment that is high in implementing a the job so the result surely success.

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